Desperate help needed for peeing Dane

Posted by mustang71
Sep 22, 2008
I have a year old female (spayed) Great Dane who pees on everyone's shoes and our carpet when she greets a new person. She can be totally ignored but she's so excited that she tinkles everywhere. I've have tried reprimanding her, ignoring her, making no eye contact, ect... She reacts this way to myself, my husband and everyone else. No one has any advice on submissive wetting and we are not happy with urine soaked carpet and shoes. Please note that she is fully crate trained and this occurs only when she's excited to see someone.
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Sep 25, 2008
I have never experienced this problem, but a friend of mine's dog did it for the first 2 years, then out grew it as she became more confident. She always told us to ignore the dog initially and then to pet her dog under its chin, not on top of the head. She would also have her dog "sit" and give a treat when we came in.

I think I would teach "go to spot" and have a washable mat or rug by the door, teach her to go to that place and sit before you open the door. That way, maybe if she did pee it would just go on that area and it would be easier to clean up, but also it may give her confidence that she's okay there.

Its a frustrating problem to have. How about doggie diapers? :rolleyes: