Disobedian Puppy

May 16, 2008
I have a disobediant 5mos old malamute puppy. On lead she is obediant, off lead she dose as she pleases. Whe she is outside in the yard she will not mind at all. Recall which is the most important command, if she even looks at you thats a plus. She thinks the yard is her domain, I will do as I please so don't bother me. I dont know just how to take control, Keep her on lead instead of free run, confine her to a dog run untill we gain control. I know to give her a command and not be able to enforce it only makes things worse.
when she is on the run good luck at best. need help lots of help.
Posted by Kate
May 17, 2008
HI there

Both the ideas you put out there are great. I'll get to them but first some basics. I am glad you have the obedience sorted as this is one of the first ports of call. Keep working on it and well done.

The second is alpha training. This is as, if not more important than obedience.First things first i think we need to go over some alpha training issues. Dogs are pack animals in the wild...and should be in the home. Dogs are happy when they know there place, and don't challenge. So for both her and your sake i think it is important to get her knowing she is at the BOTTOM of the pack. This may seem mean but trust me she will thank you for it

1) When she is sleeping in a hallway or doorway make sure to move her out of the way. Stepping over or around her will only lead her to think she is higher in the pack.

2) You should always walk through doorways first. Make your dog sit and wait. You can even walk around the house with her on the lead to reinforce this.

3) She should always eat after everyone else in the household and never get food from the table.

4) When you get back from work or being out leave her alone for 15 minutes. Wait until she is calm and relaxed and then go see her.

Now to the backyard issue. I think getting her a kennel may be a great idea as it is a way of breaking the yard up into sections. So that she has her home and comes to realise the rest of the back yard has to be shared. You can use this kennel to put her in when she is being naughty as well as at night to sleep.

Now when she gets grumpy in the backyard eg growling or not listening she needs to be told off straight away. If you wait she'll get confused about what she is doing wrong Again as always a loud GRRRR or AHHHHH does the trick as well as a squirt with a water pistol.

So once you get the kennel i think it should be the only place she is allowed for a while. When she comes out put her on the lead. Give her some freedom while you go through some obedience with her. I would run through sit, stay, come and lie down as these are the most common things you are going to need her to respond to.

To get her to recall start with a short length of lead eg a metre. Ask her to come - if she turns or even looks at you, praise her with attention and lots of encouragement. If she doesn't growl as above and give her a tug on the lead. Keep on following this - reprimand and yank if no come, praise if she does come.

In this way she will slowly learn how to behave and to recall. As she gets good with a metre extend it out to 2 metres and spend a few more days training her. Keep on going like this giving her more and more lead.

I think with some time and training she will be a great dog so don't despair, be patient and good luck. Let me know how things are going