Dog Biting

Posted by Hjmm
Oct 12, 2009
We have an 8 month old male golden retriever. He nipped as a puppy but now that he is a "teenager" it has gotten worse. We have used toys for distraction,
crate time outs, no eye contact or walk away. Alpha procedures - we make believe that we are eating from his bowl - he must sit and wait. When we go for a walk he must sit till I go out the door.The newest thing is that when weE go out in the yard with him he jumps and nips - tearing clothing We have started obedience classes, he is very strong willed.
Posted by Hjmm
Oct 12, 2009
I read KOPsarah's reply to lindak on 7-15 - great stuff !
Posted by kjd
Oct 12, 2009
Congratulations for signing up for obedience! I don't know a better way to strengthen the bond with your dog. Since the trainer will actually see the interactions between you and your golden, he (or she) will be better able to make suggestions.

Enjoy your class.
Posted by LetsPlay
Oct 13, 2009
Hi there,

8 months... a lovely age, but can also be hard work.
Just a few questions. What routine do you have with your dog? How much exercise does he get per day, where does he sleep, where does he spend his day? Is he often alone? Does he meet other people and dogs regularly? Do you play fetch with him? Does he have a lot of toys? How often do you have training sessions with him?