Dog aggression ? HELP

Posted by bacall
Oct 13, 2008
I have a 1 1/2 yr old female Boston Terrier, she is a rescue, she's a great dog but when we go to the dog park she gets aggressive toward other dogs, will not back down. When we go for walks if we see another person or dog she barks and jumps and goes crazyI have a 2 1/2 yr old male Boston (rescue) who is very polite at the dog park and to take for walks---I feel the female acts this way out of fear, any suggestions to help her, Thanks
Posted by KOPsRobyn
Dec 25, 2009

It is possible that your female dog has assumed the role of alpha dog and so is feeling the need to protect the pack when out in the dog park. To overcome this, you will need to re-establish your role as leader of the pack. This can be reinforced by several ways throughout your normal daily routine, such as insisting that you walk through doorways before her and controlling her movement around the house. She should always be fed last, after both you and the older dog have finished eating. She should let you place your hand in her feed bowl whilst she is eating. When you come home don't greet her straight away, instead, say hello to the rest of the household and the other dog first. Tell her to 'sit-stay' and then greet her. If she comes to you for attention before you are ready, turn around and ignore her until she is sitting calmly. When out on the leash, she should not be pulling, instead allowing you to lead the way. When playing games with her, make sure you are the one to select the toy and initiate it, as well as being the one to decide when to end the game, taking the toy with you when you are finished. Keep up the obedience training with her, even if it is just for 5 to 10 minutes a day, as this will strengthen your place as leader as well as improving her obedience levels. All this will help her realize that she is no longer the alpha dog and therefore there she does not need to assume the role of protector of the pack any more. It will take some time for her to realize that she is no longer top of the hierarchy, but be patient and your efforts will be rewarded!

I hope this helps and all the best with your training!