Dog aggression

Posted by Mersadies88
Jun 10, 2010
Hello, i have a male pit bull that just turned a year old. First of all when i got him he was about three months old and had really bad fear aggression. I have been working with him daily and now he is better around people and awkward situation that he hasn't encountered, his first reaction isn't aggression in these situation now. The problem i'm having is that no matter what i have tried i have been unable to curb his aggression towards other animals. We live with three other dogs and he has no problem with them, i have three other friends with dogs and my parents dog that i take him around and he has no problems, doesn't act aggressive at all towards them. Any other dogs tho, he seems to have a problem with. While walking him he is less reactive to dogs barking and leaping in their yards but anytime he is face to face with another animal or if a dog is loose and comes towards us he becomes really aggressive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had pits my whole life and love the breed and DO NOT want to feed into the stereo types that circulate. That is why this is such a big problem for me. Thanks for your time