Dog and people coming to door

Posted by connerjee1
Jan 31, 2010
Our cockapoo (1 part cocker spaniel,3 parts poodle) is now 4 years old). we've had him since he was a pup. Like other dogs we've had we treat him as he's a part of the family and was allowed to do anything he wanted. He is very trainable and can now do lots of tricks. Our problem is with people comimg to the door, especially men. He will run right past you to get at this person. We have tried many things to stop this; spraying water or lemon juice, trying to calm him down ,making him sit before opening the door or putting a leash on him and putting him in a room where he will bark continuously until the people leave. We have trained him with a "zap" collar to sit on a spot in the corner of the room where the front door is. This collar will work but only if it is on him. He knows if the collar is off he doesn't have to listen.

We bought this program about 2 weeks ago. We have since not allowed him on the couch, bed or our laps. I eat out of his dish every time I feed I feed him. I can get him to sit down (but not stop barking) if someone comes to the door but as soon as the door opens he will go right past you and go at the person. Depending on what the person does with this he very well may bite, esp. hates men.

He totally looses it, eyes glazed over, teeth showing, looks very vicious.

If he has something in his mouth, do not try to take it away. He has attacked me several times. I have tried to distract him by throwing another toy, but if he gets something like a prescious granddaughter's toy it must be taken away before it get's marked up. He will attack. He has bitten me on the upper part of my leg, comes right off the ground. We are concerned he may bit a grandchild.

We are presently wintering in Texas. I am very concerned about him biting someone here and yesterday was a good example. I went outside to get something off the truck which was parked just beside our RV. At that very moment a car stopped on the street and a fellow in a suit came over with a card in his hand ' Joey was out in a flash and chased him back into his car. The fellow turned around and ran with Joey after him. WOW, any progress that I thought we had been making just flew out the window.

Obviously he is very protective and very much thinks he's the alpha dog.
Are the any approaches that anyone has found successful in dealing with something like this.
Posted by kjd
Jan 31, 2010

Have you ever watched Victoria Stillwell on TV in "It's Me or the Dog"? I like a lot of what she does. She had a case like Joey last night. The owner taught the dog to wait while she got closer and closer to the front door, then wait while it was opened. That earned a jackpot in treats! Then she started almost back at the beginning when someone rang the doorbell. It takes a lot of time and help from friends and family, but you can do it. This dog would charge out the open door. Now he sits and waits for his owner.

Please drop the zap collar. Why lose your dog's trust? He is only being a dog; he's not being bad.

You've tried a lot of different methods to control Joey. However, remember he learned this over 4 years. You have to give him some time to get over it! Patience and consistency will win the day -- and the dog. Choose one of the place methods (either having him sit near you or sit in the corner spot) and stay with it for a month. That sounds like a long time, but I suspect it will take Joey less time than that. However, by committing to the month, you won't get discouraged. Remember, every time the open door presents a new distraction, Joey is going to be excited and forget what he should do, so you will think you are backsliding, but you aren't!

I hope I've explained this in a way you can understand. I can see Victoria doing it, but am not as good at explaining it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.