Dog escaping

Posted by MarionK
Dec 2, 2009
We have a syndey silky who is 4 1/2 years old. Ever since she was a pup she has been determined at times especially when the weather is raining heavily or stormy or with fireworks , to escape our property.
Initially she was ok and we had her with a secure fenced deck but she was seen climbing the trellis one night!!
We now have two dogs and Oscar the younger dog sleeps in a ct=rate at night whilst molly is able to sleep in a basket upstirs in our living room. she makes no effort to escape during the day when i am out for short periods. it is mainly at night or when we are out at night.
We have fenced a larger area but have had to net this as well and she has chewed holes in shade netting and pulled holes in chicken wire.
She is very determined and now escapes over the gated area at noight into the larger fenced area but at the moment cant get any further.
She has access to the house through a cat flap which she has used since little. In other ways she is reasonably obedient and gets on ok with the younger dog which is a miniature poodle cross and fairly bouncy.
Molly is other wise a lovely dog but we are feeling very frustrated by her determination to get to us at night because her main objective is to get to our bed and sleep there!
We are planning to use the innotek containment system as we feel that we have little choice.
Feedback woould be appreciated
Posted by kjd
Dec 6, 2009
No containment system is going to work when the dog is trying to escape storms or fireworks. Molly will get out because she is so afraid she ignores the pain. Then, she will not come home because, the fearful situation over, she will not want to be hurt crossing the barrier.

If you don't want Molly in your bed, why not get her a crate to sleep in? She won't be able to get out and she won't be able to hurt herself. I would worry about her hurting herself with the chicken wire and the netting. The crate is the way to go.
Posted by MarionK
Dec 8, 2009
Have tried crating her and initially worked but then she became increasingly distressed. Regards to fence, she did escape this guy fawkes and ended up at a neighbours going in their cat flap so did not return home. there is a cat flap at the front of our house so she can get back in if she does escape.