Dog jumping on kids backs

Posted by jwb16
Apr 9, 2010
Hi, I have a 2 yo rottie that is basically great but the problems are:

* she barks excitedly when she sees any kids and launches herself at a door or window if they are near it

* if they go outside she jumps up on them (usually on their back) and starts pulling on their clothes, elbows or anything she can latch on to. She has broken my sons skin on his elbows. We have tried yelping at her and time out but she gets too excited to listen. If I pull her off she then runs off madly around the yard like she is having the time of her life.

* Lastly when the kids are in the pool she runs up and down and barks uncontrollably. I try time out and tieing her up away from the pool, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

I can tell she is overexcited by kids but I am afraid that she will hurt one of them and the kids in the neighbourhood are petrified of her.

The smaller the child, the greater she reacts.

Whenever kids come over I have to tie her up before they will go outside. Do you have any other suggestions? I don't think putting a knee up or turning their backs would work based on the kids size and also that she loves to jump on their backs.
Posted by timirving
Apr 9, 2010
It sounds like your rottie needs more exercise first and foremost.

Then, you will need to do quite a bit of alpha dog training with her. A strong breed like the rottie needs to be constantly trained that YOU are the alpha dog. There are many ways to do this.

Lastly, bring her out on a leash, ask the kids to stay on one side of the street and instruct them to play and make noise. Correct her when she gets excited, make her sit and turn both your back and hers to the kids. Correct her until she ignore them. ONLY praise her when she completely calms down, she'll lay down, ears relaxed, indifferent to the kids playing.

This is going to take time..... be patient; you may have to start off by "targeting" her with some treats so she pays more attention to them than the kids. Eventually, you'll want to be able to do this without the treats.