Dog watching TV

Posted by border19
Aug 24, 2012
We have a 18 month old Border Collie and he is obsessed with the TV - it used to be just football but now it seems to be anything and everything. He just stands in front of the TV barking and generally getting quite 'involved' with whatever is on. He becomes very ignorant when the TV is on - no longer listens. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 12, 2012
Hey there,

I might try putting him in time outs when he does this - remove him to a quiet, dark room by himself for at least 10 minutes or until he calms down. Then let him out again. If he starts barking at the TV - say no firmly, and IMMEDIATELY put him back in time out. If this is going to be successful you have to do it everytime and as soon as the barking starts.

You could try startling him when he does it too - spray him with water, yell loudly, shake something that makes a loud noise. As soon as he stops barking say "good boy" and pat him. The problem with trying this is that some dogs will just get used to the startling noise/stimulus if you have to use it a lot - but its worth a go!