Dogs loves shoes

Posted by vidamorim
Oct 1, 2009
How can I make Dexter (Dorberman - 18 months old) stop to get my shoes and clothes? I really wanna not to be worry about leave my shoes in the floor and leave the bathroom door or closet open. Dexter loves to get my dirty clothes or shoes and put in his bed. I walk him with my bike or take to the dog park every day and he still gets my stuff. In addition, I gave to him my husband jeans pants because I read that our smell make them calm and feeling that we are close to them and nothing change, besides the jeans more clothes and shoes. Any suggestion?
Posted by KOPsarah
Oct 5, 2009
Hi vidamorum,
This can be quite tricky to deal with but there are a few things you can do.
-be consistent, if you find him chewing give a throaty ahhh and put him in a 3 minute time out in another room. Also do not let him have any clothes or shoes to chew as he will not be able to understand that some shoes/clothes are ok but some aren't.
-Give him heaps of other things to chew and do; toys, raw hide chews, treat balls etc will all help. Try keeping all of his toys in a toy box so he knows that his things are in the box and everything else is out of bounds.
-keep up your alpha training, as the alpha dog your possessions should be completely off bounds

I hope this helps. Consistently is really the key and because the things he chews are clothing you can't use deterrent methods such as using nasty tasting substances. You will make progress though so don't lose hope!