Dogs on furniture

Posted by dupham
Dec 6, 2009
I have a 3 year old Border Collie, who insists, when no one is looking to get up on the couches...To stop this, I have just simply put the cushions up, but I want to be able to stop him without doing this as I am getting new coverings that won't allow for this.

The problem is he only does it when no is around, so catching him in the act is hard, but I do know he is doing it because his hair is on the couch...
Any ideas??
THanks in advance,
Posted by KOPsRobyn
Dec 14, 2009

It sounds like you have a pretty smart dog there! Firstly you will have to make sure that he knows that he is not allowed on the furniture. In order not to confuse him your whole household will have to be consistent and never allow him to jump on the couch. If he tries to jump on whilst you are around or you catch him on there, tell him to get off in an authoritative manner and praise him generously when he obeys you. If he is being sneaky about it you may have to go out of your way to catch him out and make sure he knows that he is not allowed on there, whether or not there are people around. This may involve placing a web-cam in the room with a couch so you can watch him from another room, allowing you to quickly go and tell him to get off as soon as you see him jump on.

In addition, providing your dog with his own special 'dog bed', which allows him to develop a better idea of his own personal space. Put some of his favorite toys in there and make it very comfortable and cosy, so that it is worth his while for leaving the couch alone. Praise him when you find him in his 'dog bed' when you come into the room, so that he knows that that is where you want him to be.

This will take some time to correct as he is probably quite used to his spot on the couch now, but with patience and persistence he will soon learn that you do not want him on the couch. Ultimately he just wants to please you so once he knows what it is that you want of him, he will strive to do just that!

Hope this helps and all the best with your training!
Posted by DogsInShanghai
Dec 15, 2009
Hi there!

I have a similar problem with my dog, he actually knows he's not allowed on the sofa, my newest attempt is that I put a wrapping paper (the see through one, you would put flowers in and makes a lot of rusling noise when you fold it) on the complete sofa and then spread a bed sheet over the sofa. until now he hasn't gone on, but its only been a day, so will see how it goes, I was told, dogs dont like the rustling noise.
he watched me put it on and was turned off by the rustling....... I am hoping
good luck!
kind regards!
Posted by DogsInShanghai
Dec 17, 2009

thompson is still secretly sleeping on the sofa, plastic didn't help, need to find something, that makes more noise.....if anybody has an idea, please let us know!
Posted by kjd
Dec 20, 2009
I've heard that aluminum foil can help. You could also use mouse traps, set but carefully covered so Thompson cannot get caught in the trap. I prefer the foil as it is safer and easier to set up. You could also try pans, balanced to fall as soon as he jumps -- the pans will startle him, but, smart as he seems, he would probably just jump up once to get them to fall, then jump up for a nice nap afterwards!

Do you know why he likes the couch? If you know, you might be able to make the couch less likeable. For example, if he is using the couch to check outside, you could move it away from the window or close those drapes or pull the blinds.

Then again, you might just get a throw to put on the couch when you leave and let Thompson win. . .
Posted by dupham
Dec 23, 2009
I would let him win in a second, it's really not a big deal to me, but it is to my husband....there is no specific reason that I can think of, he has his own bed, they are not near the window...I think I will try the undesirable route!!

thanks for the advice!
Posted by LetsPlay
Dec 23, 2009
Hi there,

letting him win might set an example that he remembers. If he only jumps on the sofa when you are out then he is aware that he is not allowed it when you are around. By letting him win he might feel he is ranking higher than he should. Perhaps you coudl try placing a bowl with freshly slices lemons or citronella oil right next to the sofa. Most dogs don't like the smell. As kjd mentioned before you should place pans and pots on the sofa so that it makes a huge noise when he jumps up. Try to make it uncomfortable and at the same time make the dog bed very appealing by giving him treats whenever he is in his own bed.

Good luck!