Dominance Issue?

Posted by Twiggy222
Jan 27, 2012
My 11-mo.-old female Yorkie mix was spayed a couple of weeks ago, but now she's "humping" on practically everyone in the house and some of her toys. Is this an issue of dominance? If so, how do I stop it. It's embarrassing.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 28, 2012
Hey Twiggy,

This is a more common problem than you think! Lots of dogs "inappropriately" hump - most of the time its excitement, but occassionally it can be dominance. Has your girl ever shown dominant tendencies before?

Either way - its best to stop it as soon as you see her start. If you can't startle her out of it by shouting, clapping or stomping, spraying her with water, etc - put her in time out. Just be sure to do it every time, and as soon as you see her start - don't let her get away with it, even on toys!

It may also be partially due to age, so you may see this sort of thing decrease as she gets older and calms down a bit more.

Other members may have similar stories, and may be able to tell you what they did, but thats what I would advise