Dominance and aggression

Posted by Ilga
Dec 2, 2009
Dear Kingdom of Pets team,

Thank you very much for this wonderful book "Secrets to Dog Training" and
so valuable advices!
I have almost 5 months old German shepherd + hound puppy Renzo. I got him when he was 6 weeks old and unfortunatelly I had to leave him all day alone while I was at work. He became more and more aggressive and I did not know what to do, he wanted to be the boss in all situations and was biting my hands and ankles (he could not wait while I was eating first).
When I read this book I started immediately practice your advices and situation gradually improves. Now I spend much more time in the mornings and also evenings in walks, games and exercises. Still we have aggression problems, especially when I am going out in the yard, he is jumping on me and tearing my jacket into pieces. He thinks that it is a good game. I can not stop him. When I try, he falls on
his back and is biting my hands. I kindly ask your advice in this situation.

Best regards,
Posted by kjd
Dec 6, 2009
Renzo was too young at 6 weeks to leave his littermates. He didn't learn to control his biting. First, get into some tough clothes he either cannot tear or you don't care if he does! Then, when he jumps up, turn away from him. Don't look or talk to him. If he bites, yipe as if he has really hurt you and turn away. Both of these are ways of teaching him proper manners. He isn't deliberately being bad -- he just doesn't know how to act.

How is he around other dogs and other people?