Don't understand her sudden change in play

Posted by 3tomaras
Aug 26, 2007
Ivy, a 4 year old Rat terrier, I've had since 8 weeks of age. She loves to play fetch and will bring it back everytime for more. 2 years ago I got a companion for her-Cutie as a puppy-and she also loves to fetch. Within the last 2 days Ivy has stopped retrieving and will not play at all. How can I get her interested again? Leave Cutie inside? Play with them separately? :confused:

Posted by eyeluvdogs
Aug 28, 2007
It seems a bit strange that your dog has stopped wanting to play all of a sudden. Have you noticed any other changes in behavior? If your dog normally loves to play fetch, and is now not interested, perhaps it's a sign that she is not very well. Try playing with your dog on her own, without the distraction of your other dog. If you are still not getting any results, I suggest that you speak to your Vet. Good luck!