Door Chewing Anxiety

Posted by DavidG
Jan 14, 2008
I have a Siberian Wolf Hybrid (Nikita)she is now about five years old. She has developed an anxiety problem in that she chews either the front door or the back door of our home the moment we put her out. If she is inside she is relaxed and lies in her space in the central area of the house. We have a Doberman (Tikka) who has grown up with Nikita and she is now about three years old. Tikka is quite happy to be inside the home or out. Nikita though will whine if put out going from window to window or door to door. She has chewed the doors several times (doing great damage) and this is exacerbated if there is an approaching storm as she is terrified of thunder and lightening, it now seems she associates even the slightest bit of rain with that fear. How do I talk her out of this anxiety? My wife and I do go away at times and when we do we have a house sitter who looks after our home and our dogs. I am really concerned for my poor dog.
Posted by Blue
Jan 25, 2008
This sounds like it may be a form of separation anxiety... my dog chewed through our bedroom door once, while we were out, just to get close to our clothes/smell. Usually if we went out and she was loose, she would tear apart our closet and bed.

We are still dealing with her separation anxiety - with crate training, but with your issues you may want to try some of the suggestions left for the person in this thread: