Door Issue

Posted by kevinjardine
Nov 13, 2007
Hi I have a shepard/Afgahn/Retriever mix. He is 9 months old and thanks to your program he is the best dog I have ever had. My problem is that he won't go through a door into anywhere. I have to pick him up to get him into the vet and at 70LBS this is a chore. He seems to be scared to go into strange places. He has been like this since I got him as a pup. I have tried just about everything I can think of. Please help me as he can get to be 120LBS and I will never get him in to the vet, or anywhere else.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Jardine
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Nov 23, 2007
Hi Kevin,

What an unusual problem you are having with your dog. It sounds as though he is not an overly confident animal, and his fear is particularly triggered by going through unknown door ways.

Perhaps you need to start exposing him to as many different doorways as possible. Take lots of treats with you to help encourage him. Don't pet him or try to sooth him if he is behaving fearfully, as this will only reinforce his scared behavior. Instead, stand on the other side of the doorway with the treats and call him to you in an encouraging and confident voice. Praise and encourage any progress made.

You might need to try this a number of times before he understands what you want from him, and that there is actually nothing for him to be afraid of. The important thing will be for you to be a strong leader for your dog and show him that he doesn't need to be afraid.

I hope this helps.