Excited Bichon

Posted by Richard-Tollerud
Jan 14, 2008
Hi Danial and Happy New Year,

I have a 1.5 year old male neutered Bichon Frise, Capt. Jack, that demonstrates the overly excited response to guests, people at the door, people we meet on walks, etc. Once he checks out the guests he settles down but responds this way all the time, even to family members when they arrive home, except me. I am his 99% caregiver as I am home with him all day. My 11 year old daughter is his "litter mate" as they mainly play and cuddle, she is the one that feeds him. My wife responds to him with affection. I walk him 30+ minutes almost daily and play fetch a couple times a day either inside or outside when our weather permits. At times he is in my home office otherwise he is kept in a kennel and not allowed to roam the house unless someone is playing with him.

I Do you have any other suggestions on dealing with this behaviour?

Have a Woofdeful New Year and Thank You,

Woodbury, Minnesota USA 55125
Posted by Todd
Jan 17, 2008
Hi there and thank you for your question.

It is good to hear that you are so committed to your dog so i know that the advice i know will be used.

The best way to deal with these situations is to give your puppy a command before it gets excited on when he is excited. Making him sit will diffuse the situation and help keep him focussed.

When on a walk make him sit as someone approaches. If he gets excited reprimand him with and ahhh or grrr to distract him. Then give him the sit command. If he responds praise him with attention and petting. This will help reinforce the right behaviour. If he again gets over excited do the same.
If he gets too much take him away from the situation to stop reinforcing the wrong behaviour.

Try these same prinicple across the situations where he does this. It is never alrite no matter what the situation so tell friends etc that they can reprimand him or ignore him for being over-reacted.

Be patient and keep up the good work. You are on the right track. Good luck.

Kind Regards

Todd Field