Family Feud

Posted by dbyrd26502
Dec 12, 2008
My 4 year old Rottweiler has a real problem with fighting with his dad (my sister's Rott). They cannot be outside at the same time without both dogs going insane and mine will eventually figure a way out of his collar/harness and get loose from his cable. The the attack starts. I have had stitches from the harness ripping my finger almost off. He doesn't have a problem with any other dogs besides his father. Any suggestions?
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 19, 2009
Hi there,
some dogs can't stand each other (just like humans).

I would suggest never leaving them out of your side when they meet. Make sure that you praise all good behavior. Praise him right until he gets aggressive then stop the praise and just be quiet. Stand in front of him so your body is blocking him from getting any closer to his dad. There needs to be some distance between you and the other dog, so that you are not caught up in the middle!
Get your sister to do the same with her dog. You will have to wait till they are both calmer. It will take a while! Once they are calmer praise them. It's a powerful gesture that you are in charge. Spend time with the other dog and treat him - do this in full view of your dog. Same for your sister.
Both dogs need to learn that you are in charge of all encounters and you only accept good behavior.
Let us know how you get on.