Five month old terror

Posted by doreen
Nov 12, 2007
HI, I have a five month old cocker spaniel. He has been a real sweet dog, but seems to becoming a terror in the last week. He seems to get into everything, not listening as well and playing very rough. He jumps so much when excited I am not sure what to do. Is this a normal age thing or something I should be concerned about? Thanks
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Nov 23, 2007
Hi Doreen,

Thank you for your email. Silliness is normal puppy behavior. However, there are a couple of things that I can suggest to help you get your pup under control.

Firstly, please read and begin using the Alpha techniques as set out in the SSF ebooks. It could be that your dog does not see you as his leader, and therefore takes little notice of your commands and corrections. You need to be able to show him and you are a confident leader, and in doing so, he will have more respect for you, and is more likely to listen to you when you tell him to do something.

Next, please ensure that your puppy has interesting toys to keep his mind busy. This behavior may have come about due to boredom on his part? If he is not getting a lot of play or exercise time, he might be trying to use up some of his excess energy by mis-behaving. Give him lots of chew toys, as well as those that allow you to put treats inside. Toys, as well as lots of play time will help burn some energy, and will mean that he is more likely to rest during other parts of the day.

There are 3 main methods recommended by the SitStayFetch team to fix jumping.

Next time he goes to jump on you, move quickly towards him, then as he moves back to prevent being stepped on, tell him to sit, and praise him for obeying.

Or when he begins to jump, totally ignore your dog, don't even look at him. Cross your arms, and look at the ceiling. When he eventually calms down, ask him to sit then praise him.

Or, you could attach his leash, then if he jumps, tell him "Off" firmly, then give a sideways pull on the leash, so that he loses his balance, and falls onto all four paws. Praise him quickly so that he associates being on all fours with your praise.

I hope this helps.