Food aggressive Bulldog

Posted by shrapnel68
Jun 10, 2008
I have a slight problem that I need some advice on. My wife and I have two dogs, a 7 year old Pug and a 2 year old English Bulldog. They get a long great most of the time and the Bulldog has made it clear to our Pug that she is the dominate dog. The problem comes when the is food introduced. I feed the Bulldog first and then the Pug. Thats when the problem arises. When the Bulldog is finished she wants to attack the Pug when he is still eating. I have been working with her uses spray bottles and keeping her on a leash while she eats. When she tries to go for our Pug I spray her and tell her "wrong". This has been working for the most part, but I would eventully like to not have to rely on the leash. Also, if I pay to much attention to the Pug, she goes after him. If anyone has experienced anything like this, pleasse provide your inputs.
Posted by Todd
Jun 19, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

Food aggression is a common problem and i hope some people out there can add in there thoughts on this one.

From now on i would start to feed them at the same time even though you are trying to reinforce the bulldog as the alpha. This won't make a huge difference on there standings and will make things much easier to deal with.

If they are feeding together and the bulldog wants food continue doing what you have been doing. Keep the lead on the bulldog, tell her off with a GRRRR or AHHHH as well as a squirt with the water pistol that will always help.

Keep being consistent and patient with this. If she decides to leave her food to steal the pug's then she gets hers taken off her and she has to wait till the pug has finished before she is allowed hers back.

Let me know how things go