Ganging up on other dogs

Posted by Blarson
Sep 1, 2007
I'm looking for ANY advice on dogs that gang up on other dogs. I have a 5 year old rottie mix and a 6 month old boxer. When I take them to the dog park they are pretty good except for the fact they like to gang up on the more submissive dogs. Otis, being a puppy, will go jump on the dog and try to be dominant, while Chancey will back him up to ensure the submissive dog stays still. It is so naughty. I usually keep walking to get Chancey to come and Otis will sometimes follow behind. Any other suggestions? Many people get really scared of Chancey since she's part rottie but she means no harm. I am also trying to keep them preoccupied by a ball/toy, which has been working pretty good. Otherwise I will just put Otis on a leash and Chancey listens well.:confused:
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 6, 2007
I think that distracting your dog's with a squeaky toy is a good idea. Have you tried organizing some play dates with friend's dogs? In doing so, you can try and teach your dog how to play appropriately. Have your Boxer play with the other dog by himself first, encouraging the good play and discouraging the bad. Then try introducing your other dog, once again encouraging and discouraging where appropriate.

Good luck