Get out of my bed!!

Posted by Trauma-Jane
Oct 13, 2008
I have a 10 week puppy who is sleeping in my bed. I've tried to kennel her at night with blanket, something to chew, and something that smells like me. She will urinate in the kennel within a few minutes. She does not cry or whine. (i find out by the smell) She never urinates on my bed and sleeps all night when there. I also tried removing everything from her kennel so she doesn't have an absorbant surface to urinate on. That didn't help. I have a divider in the kennel so she is confined to standing or circling around to lie down. What can i do? Please help.
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 14, 2008
Its very unusual for a dog to urinate in their kennel. Do you use the kennel at any other times during the day? If not, she may be really scared of it and that's why she is peeing. ??? Maybe the kennel is not the answer at night, perhaps you could get her a dog bed and put it beside your bed on the floor. "Tuck her in" each night when you go to bed and don't allow her to get on the bed with you EVER. If she's near you and can see you beside her, she'll feel comfortable enough to sleep all night.

If you haven't been using the kennel during the day when you leave her, maybe that is the answer---you need to train her more to stay in the kennel.

I know its frustrating, but puppies are precious. Enjoy her.