Getting my beagle to come reliably

Posted by Echo-ampRingo
Oct 4, 2007
Okay. It is not that I've had NO experience in training dogs. I used to foster Goldens and in fact ended up adopting one. He is the best! But boy are the two breeds different!
We got my beagle, Echo, last Thanksgiving when she was eight weeks old. And at first things were great. I don't know what happenened. She will not come when called and rarely even looks when you say her name. We have a fenced in backyard that is for the time being, escape proof. Should I keep her on a leash eveytime we take her out in back? I will not chase her. I've used treats and a clicker. Ignored her. Left her outside. Paid attention only to our golden. I've been using the Tips and Such from the Alpha dog book for a couple of months now. Nothing is working. I cannot seem to reach her. Help!!!!
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Oct 5, 2007
Hi there,

Having a dog ignore the come command is very frustrating, and if it's happening on a daily basis, then I can imagine it would be very annoying for you.

I wonder if your dog's hearing is "selective" or whether she actually has a hearing problem? You said that she sometimes doesn't even look at you if you say her name....I wonder if she has actually not heard you? Perhaps you could ask your Vet to check her ears for any signs of problems?

If she is just ignoring her, you could start teaching her that listening to you when you say her name is actually worth her while. Hold some tasty treats in your hand and say Echo's name. If she looks at you, immediately give her a treat. Practice this over and over and hopefully your dog will quickly learn that reacting to her name is a good idea!

To help with the ignoring of the come command, I have taken the following info from the Top 20 Consults ebook (included in the SSF package and with the permission of the SSF Team).

The Come Command Rules:
There are a number of Come Command Rules that I recommend people use:
1. Never call your dog to you for a reprimand.
2. Always call your dog in a happy voice.
3. Always praise your dog for coming to you, even if they have taken their time.
4. Praise your dog for coming to you without having been called.
5. Never call your dog to you for something you know they don't like e.g. baths or visits to the vet.

Another tip is to use a squeaky toy to get her attention.

I also recommend that you continue to use the Alpha Techniques. They will help reinforce all of your training.

Please ensure that you dog is getting lots of exercise, and I would also suggest that you initiate daily obedience lessons with your dog. This will help improve her responsiveness to your commands.

Good luck!
Posted by Echo-ampRingo
Oct 5, 2007
Thank You!
I will try what you suggest. I've also started being with her one on one in a room away from everyone else to see if I can learn to read her better like the dog whisperer techniques describe.
At least I have a positive starting place now. Thanks again!