Posted by dishers
Feb 2, 2011
Hi all,
I have a 10 year Alaskan mal/wolf and a 1 year tibetain mastiff. My mal is constantly growling then fights with my TM. Last month my TM had enough and put him down. Ever since my TM can't seem to move arou d the house like he should without my mal growling or trying to prevent him from going anywhere. This is not lack of excercise, or mental stimulation. And both understand that I am the alpha. Yet Odin still takes it upon him self to make life for himself and my TM unhappy. I do prevent most of it but would like harmony again. He has always been growly but not to the extent it is now. I would like to stop this prior to the growling. I am having to protect each of them from each other now but I am not always right there to correct. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have noticed that my TM is now doing the same as in blocking entrances. Kitchen area's etc.... Sometimes telling them to back off does not work. Had to put lease on TM the other day and pray no lunging toward each other would not happen. Please help me with some advice. Thanks in advance.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 2, 2011
Hey dishers,

Sounds like some dominance issues in your house! Has the growling been constant since the introduction of you TM to the house? New dogs can upset the order of the house and problems like this pop up as a result.

Is there a clear cut dominant dog between the two of them? You need to help identify which of them is the top dog - I would assume it'll be your Alaskan Mas. This dog should be fed first, let through doors first, be the first to get attention from you when you get home, get toys first, etc. Both dogs still get an equal amount of attention and alone time with you, but it should always be given in the same order - dominant dog first. This can help settle your dogs down when they see the alpha leader of the house identifying the order of things between them.

That being said, the dominant dog does not get to bully the other dog. If you are giving the TM attention and your Alaskan starts getting upset, he should be told no, and removed from the room. Similarly, when he starts growling and trying to block access to the TM, remove him, saying "no".

Do you walk the two of them together? You might try walking them one at a time for a few weeks, to re-bond with the two of them individually, then go back to joint walks. Walking together can help because there are distraction from each other and they will be interested in the same things, stop to sniff the same things, etc. Its usually easier to be together on a walk than it is at home.

If you can identify triggers for your Alaskan to start growling, either avoid them if they are unnecessary, or train him to ignore them by exposing him to them time and time again, while correcting him if he reacts badly and praising him if he ignores them.

Its pretty basic help, I know, other owners on the forum might have more specific treatments for you, but either way definitely let us know how things go and if you need more help! I'd hate for the house to keep being upset all the time! Good luck!