HELP!!! Jumping dog won't stop!

Posted by Annama
Aug 12, 2008
Help! I've tried everything but our 8 month old border collie x staffie wont stop jumping. She's very clever and wont jump on me, my hubby, or my older daughter, we're very strict with her and constant, as everyone advises, but my little 4 year old son and unsuspecting new visitors are fair game!! I've tried the suggestion in sit stay fetch;the knee up method, grabbing her paws; ignoring her; treats..... I'm wondering if we got the right breed for us? she's very intelligent, and I've started her successfully on trials, but I'm very worried that she'll accidentally injure my son or a visitor as she's not a small dog and easily bowls my son over when she jumps on him. We can't leave him standing alone with her and have to watch them closely when we're outside which isn't fair on him as he can't play in his back yard like he used to. It's also not fair on her to keep her tied up when we're outside all the time. Any suggestions would be 'jumped' on!!!
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Aug 19, 2008
Thats a tough problem. Jumping is so much fun for dogs. We finally broke Maggie from jumping by just being extremely consistent and telling her "off".

With your son, I would put the dog's leash on and practice "sit and greet" with the dog and him together. Have him leave the room and come back in, go outside and come back in, anything different so that you can practice telling her "off" and "sit". Let your son give her a treat if she is sitting. When he has friends over, I think you need to keep the leash on so that you can pull her down if she jumps up on them. Have your son's friends also work with you while you train the dog to "sit and greet".

I know 4 year olds can raise their voices pretty loudly---so have your son practice yelling "Off" if she jumps on him. Tell him to scream it as loud as he can at her. If she obeys, tell him he must praise her with a soft voice.

One more idea, my trainer used a "noise can" which was a cloth covered empty coke can that had pennies inside to make it loud. You can make something like that and throw it at her or shake it loudly if she jumps. It doesn't hurt the dog and it does make a loud noise to scare them.

Hope that helps a little. Good Luck.:cool: