HELP - Two dogs in the house - 1 new, 1 old

Posted by Jeanine
Sep 25, 2007
Any help would be greatly appreciated on this one. Ok, here's the story. Unforeseen circumstances led to my grandma’s dog coming to live with us. She’s a 2 year old German Shepard. We also have another dog, a mix between a Jack Russell and long legged fox terrier. It’s a male dog and also 2 years old. The two dogs are totally different like day and night. Freddie, the male, likes doing his own thing, very (and I repeat VERY) energetic and demanding. And also not very obedient. Nakita, the German Shepard, is quite calm and much attached to us. She follows me everywhere, but I mean so attached, that it gets annoying. She is in the way all the time. Under your feet everywhere you go. Now, here are the problems I have:

1.Both dogs are jealous of each other, but only when we are around and giving one or both of them attention. Freddie not so much, but Nakita snarls and snaps at him. When we are not around they play with each other, but roughly sometimes. They show their teeth and jump/climb on each other. Is that normal play? ‘Cause after the “play time” they drink water together out of the same bowl?

2.Both dogs are jumpers. And behold when the doorbell rings. CRAZY!

3.And Nakita does not stop barking at the friend that visits. What do I do? Can it be because my grandma never had people over? After what seems like hours, she only settles down. And the water gun does not help. She walks away and barks from a distance.

4.Sleeping times…..Freddie sleeps with us in the bedroom. And Nakita is sleeping (or supposed to) in the scullery. In the middle of the night she wanders into the room. And it is every hour from the early mornings, ‘bout 3’o clock. And I chase her of the bed again, but after an hour you hear the Tipp toes coming to the room again. Is she confused because Freddie sleeps there? What can I do to make her sleep in her own bed and stay there?

That is the worst of the problems at the moment. Please give me some guidance here.
Thanks a lot!
Posted by mpq
Feb 5, 2008
I recently got rescued a 6month old black lab, and brought him home to an 8 year old black lab mix.
Thank you for taking your grandmother's dog, but you must realize that she is probably missing your grandmother and feeling very insecure, whilke the other may be jealous. I would never seperate them at bedtime. I bought dog beds for my dogs, and put them in 2 different areas of my bedroom. I let them choose their own bed. We had some problems, but they worked it out. If possible, try taking them to some neutral territory to run and play and get to know each other without the jealousy and the "yours" and "mine" factor coming in.
My two dogs are very noisy when they play, jumping and "chewing" on each other. As long as they are not hurting each other, I would let them have a good time.
The jumping and barking thing is just training. The best you can do for both dogs and yourself is to get some profesional help. You won't believe the difference in a well trained dog.