How do I break my Beagle's will but not his spirit?

Posted by KevinRT58
Jul 7, 2012
Hi Everyone,
I have a 14 month old Beagle who has had a lot of issues we have been dealing with. His first problem was biting and aggression, but using some techniques from that site has helped immensly (he still tries to bite when he had done something wrong and is going on time out). However, there are other things we are trying to fix. Basically he refuses to listen to us a lot of the time and he is constantly going from the front door to the back door. But one thing at a time.
Cooper is a very smart dog, but he is also extremely stubborn. He knows what he shouldn't be getting into but still does it anyway; he steals dish clothes, shoes, jumps up on the dining table to get potpourri out of the vase, steals kleenexes out of the box, gets into the trash, goes upstairs (he's not allowed to yet). Basically he gets into anything and everything he can that he's not allowed to. And if he gets something, he hides under the dining table (we try to ignore it but when it is an $80 pair of sneakers or $200 pair of glasses...I can't ignore it as he would ruin them if left to his own). I also think he would prefer to be with the neighborhood dogs rather than us his family. He is constantly looking out the front door or out the back door and wants to constantly go out and check to see if they are out (he is allowed to play with other dogs when the owners allow it). He is not a dog who cuddles or relaxes with the family. We are very frustrated that we can't seem to get him under control. I want to break his will (he rarely listens to us when he has something in his mind he wants to do or get) but not his spririt (we want to love him and he love us back and please us). We need help badly.

Thanks for any response and tips you may give
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 14, 2012
Hi there,

Have you considered crate training and baby gates? That way he only has access to parts of the house you are allowing at any given time, and he has his own space that he can be confined in while being comfortable.

I'd also say start using time outs for ANY misbehaving or not listening, not just the big things. Have you looked into the alpha dog training ebook?