How do I stop my dog whining while out walking?

Posted by Ebee
Apr 18, 2011
I have two Parson's Jack Russells a five year old male and a four year old female. I used to think the female was the dominant of the two as she always bosses the male around. She was a rescue dog and we got her when she was approximately a year old. She had been found roaming the streets and was half starved. She was first placed in a rehoming unit, then was adopted by a family for a few months who already had four dogs. They found her to be troublsome with a senior bitch so put her up for re-adoption. She has taken about a year to get used to us and I think we have got on top of most of her anti-social habits. She is much more responsive me when being called, but still has the tendency to come back in her own time. Since being with our family she has dominated our other dog who has exhibited many alpha tendancies in the past. So I thought she was the dominant dog, but I am begining to think I was wrong. The male dog behaves much better off the lead, he will walk just behind my heel, come straight away when called, sit, stay and fetch. But when he gets it in his mind to do as he pleases, he's off. I have found it very difficult to bond with the male dog. Every time I show him affection, by giving him treats, hugs and praise, it's like it goes completely to his head and he becomes an absolute pain. When ignored, he looks so unhappy and miserable. I don't know how to correct his unwanted behaviours. He is a very intelligent dog. He sees it as his role to meet and greet people. With other dogs he runs up and tries to hump them (He has been castrated). He jumps up at people he recognises on our walks. But the most annoying thing he does is whine constantly when I stop to talk to anyone, or even stop to take in the view. I have tried ignoring him, so he runs off to create trouble and gain attention that way. I put him on his lead and he will not shut up, no matter how long I try to ignore him, to the point where we humans cannot hear ourselves think. I have tried shouting at him, pulling on his lead and squirting him with water. I have taken toys on the beach with us, which he totally destroys, I throw sticks which he really enjoys, but the minute I stop he becomes an absolute pain. I refuse to give him treats as he will think I am rewarding his behaviour. What can I do to stop him from whining? I have never been able to enjoy a single walk with him. Even my doctor suggested that I exercise him then take another walk to relax! I HATE walking him!!!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 22, 2011
Hi ebee,

Does your dog by chance know "speak" and "quiet" as commands? Try teaching him these, so that you can try to control his noise with the idea that he only makes it when asked.

You can also try startling him when he starts whining on walks. Take a can full of rocks, or clap loudly/stomp when he starts up. If he breaks his whining to look at the noise, say good boy, and then give him a sit command (along with quiet). Alternatively you can try training him on something like "wait" or "enough". I use "enough" with my own dog, kind of as a training command and half as a discipline. He gets it when he starts being impatient with me talking or doing something else while he's on lead, and he generally gets the idea by my tone of voice alone - speak in a sharp, no nonsense kind of way.

I know these are basic ideas, but I wonder if they might help a bit. I think getting his attention onto commands when he starts up might be a good way to deal with the issue, most dogs enjoy having something rewarding to focus on. Keep us posted on how you go, and I'll keep thinking of other ways to potentially work with your dog!