I need help!!!

Posted by Emilia
Oct 4, 2008
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just turned 1. Lately he he has been urinating on the floor or our bed instead of his paper. He knows he is doing wrong, gives me a sheepish look and goes directly to his crate. I don't know what to do to stop this. Please does anyone have a suggestion? I would greatly appreciate your imput. Thanks
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 6, 2008
Hi there,

Just a quick note cause my lunch break will be over shortly. First I would see if there is any medical problem with your puppy, such as bladder infection, etc.

Next, what is your reaction when you find accidents? Do you scold him or just cleaning it without making any fusses? It is possile that he does it intentionally in order to get your attention (incl. negative attention i.e. scolding).

Does he getting a lot of excercise or spending enough time outside everyday? What time of the day most of the accidents occur? If it is during the night, you can take him out later at night and earlier in the morning.

If it happens when he is left by himself, you might want to leave him more contained area, including a crate.

If it's none of above, you might want to re-train him by paising and rewarding whenever he goes on the pad (sorry, I never let my dogs do business inside the house so I don't know how to train dogs to go on the pads).

Good luck