I'm her momma, so why does she bite me?

Posted by LynOwen
Dec 18, 2010
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We got Sadie, a Weim puppy, when she was 9 weeks old. Sadie is now 5 months old. It seems she adopted me straight away, making me her momma, and seeming to be absolutely lost if she didn't know where I was, such as going out to get mail, or the grocery store, etc. She'd cuddle up at night, and that's where she'd settle down to go get sleepy before being put in her kennel (oh, what a Godsend those things are!). So what's the problem, you're asking. Well, it seems that I'm also the only one she bites! My husband says it's because she's trying to play with me, and my negative reactions to her nipping (yeah, sure, the blood doesn't look like nipping, pal) only entices her. That I need to use a stern voice. He is physically challenged (heart and lung patient), so the training is all up to me. I am at my wit's end! I love this puppy, and I'm praying that she'll grow out of this stage. I'm working with her on it, but the question is...what if she doesn't? What if she only becomes worse, or worse still, what if she turns this aggression on someone else? I love her, but at times, I just can't stand her! What can I do? HELP ME, PLEASE, become a good momma to Sadie!!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 20, 2010
Hey Lyn,

Part of Sadie's "problem" I'm sure is her age, 5 months is a great time for pups to act up and put their mouths on things.

To get her to stop, have you tried moving so that she can't get to whatever body part (hands) she's trying to bite. Turn your back on her until she calms down, then turn back to her and give her something thats ok for her to chew on.

You should also give her a stern "no" command when she starts, then try the ignoring/back turning. I would try to be more stern with her, give commands in a strong tone of voice, so she knows to listen. I think most of her problem is just her age and the acting up that goes with it, she'll likely calm down if you try the suggestions and are a bit more stern with her overall, and as she ages.

Hope these suggestions help...let us know how it goes!