Posted by Dandy
Apr 10, 2008
My other dog is a female 1 year old Rottweiller and my problem is that everytime he sees my neighbor or any person coming to greet her she usually jump up to that person and once she get petted by them she sometime urinate in excitement. I can't find a way to get her to settle down not to jump on other people if they want to touch her. Other people who does not know her thinks that she is trying to atack them. Pls advice. Thanks
Posted by Dandy
Apr 12, 2008
Can anyone give advise for the title INNU and JACKO
Posted by Todd
Apr 16, 2008
Hi there and sorry for the delay.

Rottweilers are great dogs but i can understand one jumping at you could be a little daunting.
The best way to avoid over-excitement is to get him into that situation and try and control and mould his behaviour.

When you go to see your neighbour make sure Innu is on the lead. This will make it very easy to pull him off and get him uner control.
So let Innu approach your friend, if she starts to get over excited eg lunging and barking make sure to tell him off quickly. Use a loud GRRR or AHHHHH and you may find a quick squirt with a water pistol may help.

Then give him a sit command. When he does make him sit and when he does praise him (without getting him overexcited). Then let him continue to approach.

If he jumps up yank him away and reprimand him as above. Then make him sit again. Just like above.

With time and reprimanding him when he is overexcited and then making him sit and relax will hopefully do the trick. Good luck and let me know if i can help anymore