Posted by MickandJinda
Jan 26, 2008
I Have a seven year old Bull Arab male, Mick... and have just brought a 7 week old bull mastiff puppy, Jinda. What would be the best way to introduce them??. I have sat the puppy infront of the older male and held them both ... Mick doesnt pay any attention to jinda and almost walks over her. Jinda growled at mick on first meeting..:confused:Any suggestions??
Posted by Todd
Jan 27, 2008
Hi there and thank you for your question.

The way i like to introduce dogs is listed below.
Start by letting one dog roam through the house and yard for a few hours. After that bring the other dog in and take the first dog away.
Scent is very important so by getting them used to each other by smell is a slow way to do it.

After this put both dogs on the lead. Have them sitting about 5 metres apart. Give them a few treats to get them to relax in each others presence.
If either dog growls or rushes reprimand it with a loud GRRRRRR or AHHHHH and make them sit. Once they sit reward them with praise and attention.

By rewarding and reprimanding you will reinforce the right behaviour.
Once they are happy at this distance you can slowly bring them closer and closer. Again make them sit and relax. rewarding and reprimanding.

On the first time don't let them meet.
The next day do the same and let them meet at the end. Keep them on their leads and dont allow rough play that you cant control.

The next day let them off the lead and again no rough play. Get them to play nicely using the rewarding and reprimanding as needed.

Feeding them near each other is also a great way.

Good luck with introducing them. Take it slowly, be patient and let me know how things go.

Kind regards

Todd Field