Posted by Dandy
Apr 10, 2008
Hello! Need help on what to do. I got male 15 months Golden Retriever. My problem is that when I let him loose out of his cage, he will stay beside me for a moment but run off to the other street. I thought maybe there is just a female dog in the other street so I just ignore it and just follow him to put on his leash. But now I am a bit concern because after he runs off it looks like he is trying to find a hole in the fence and tries to get through the busy street. It's beginning to be a concern. How would I train him not to run off. He follows a stay command but will eventually runs off anyway.Need advise. thanks
Posted by Chipper
Apr 16, 2008
I am a big supporter of invisible fencing. You don't need to go to the expense of professional installation or training. These systems are available in many stores and include videos and enough wire for half an acre. I installed my own on 2 acres (you are able to buy additional wire). There are 3 downfalls, though. One, it is definitely NOT for an aggressive dog. Two, it does not keep unwanted animals from entering YOUR yard. And thirdly, if the hydro goes out and your dog is one that likes to test to see if the system is still up and running, he will get out. I had a 125 lb Rottie that you couldn't drag across, no matter what. And I had a dog who liked to sit close enough to hear her collar beeping, as if she was waiting for the battery to go dead so she could take off! It may be worth a try.