Jackson- aggression issues

Posted by Scott-Anderson
Apr 3, 2008
We have a shorty jack russell. He came from what we thought was a reputable breeder, although he did ship to us at 7 weeks old, now to find out that this is entirely too young. Jackson had aggression issue from day one. The first time I attempted to touch his food bowl while he was eating, he snapped at me.

He is now 8 months old. He has been to obedience training/aggression, he did go to the trainer (stayed for 5 weeks) and my husband and I would go weekly to work on the issues we were having with the trainer and Jackson. Come to find out this isn't always the best thing to do.

Jackson is VERY aggressive over his crate. When my husband goes to take him out in the morning to go potty he is very nasty. Growling, full snarl, lunging at the door, he would bite if he could. At times if Scott just simply walks by the crate he goes into what would be an attack on Scott if he wasnt behind the bars of the crate.

We have just gone through the 48hrs. of the dominance/aggression training program. No contact,no affection, no eye contact, etc. This morning was the first conact we have had with him. He seemed to be doing pretty good But then we put him in his crate for us to shower and then Scott went to take him out of his crate and Jackson reacted th same way- total aggression. At times during this aggression, Scott will kneel down to get Jackson to calm down by having him lie down and he will wimper as though he is going to be nice but then as soon as he goes for the handle on the crate it starts all over.

If anyone has any insight to why he behaves like this we would surely appreciate it.

I am not so good about this e-mail stuff so if anyone would like to take the time to share some insight via a phone call my number is 915-203-0627-Jacki.
We SOOOOOO need some help.

A little insight-
We have turned our lives upside down for this pup since day one. He is very loved, probably too spoiled. We had a trainer tell us he is not "fixable", ohers tell us it is just his nature unfortunatley we got one who is just aggressive. He has been a wonderful pup as far as training, potty training probably no more than 5 accidents in the house never pooped in the house, he sits, downs, waits, does agility for fun out in the yard & has always loved going into his crate. This is where he stays while we are at work. He is definatley more aggressive towards my husband but will also bite me.

Hope someone can help us.

Scott & Jacki
Posted by Todd
Apr 8, 2008
HI there Scott and Jackie.

Sounds like a little handful in the household. I am glad you have taken this so seriously and have tried to fix it in as many ways as possible.

I can give you as much advice as you need but an in home trainer may be required to move things along a bit quicker.

Putting him down may be an option but it is always the last resort and i will do my best to try and avoid this

I think the first thing we should do is get rid of the crate. This seems to be the thing he is the most protective over. By taking it away it will hopefully halve the aggression problems.

He seems to be an amazing dog in terms of is obedience etc so i will skip this.But i do think some alpha training may be in need especially in aggression cases like this.
You and your partner need to assert yourselves as the alpha's in the house otherwise he will think he can run the show.

He needs to be feed last and never from the table. He should only get attention when he is being behaved. Always ignore him when you get home and make sure he knows you are the seniors

This needs to be consistent. It does help but won't completely fix the problem.

Your boy needs to learn that aggression is never okay, no matter what the circumstance.
He needs to be reprimanded for any aggressive tendencies he shows no matter how minor they seem. These include growling, barking, snarling and biting. You need to be consistent and quick with your reprimand.

Use a loud GRRRR or AHHHHHHH as well as throwing a blanket over him or giving him a squirt with a water pistol.
When he is home i would leave his lead on him so you can take him to a quiet room when he has been told off.
He needs to stay there for 15 minutes before starting again.

Start with removing the crate and reprimanding him.See how things go and let me know how things go. Then we will go from there
Good luck and please let me know how things are going so i can continue to help