Jaker104 and his aggression

Posted by jaker104
Aug 3, 2009
Well, Jakers behaviorist is supposed to start in the end of Aug. To respond to Sarah's concern, he says "E" collar isn't used for punishment. Personally I agree with John, but have been unable to find any resolve to his unprovoked aggression. Some times I wonder if this may be a personality disorder. Two nights ago everyone was going to bed, and Jake was put in his crate next to my daughters bed. Hilary told me that Jake let out a little growl, and she softly to him to be quite. Well he started growling, curled lip, and biting at the crate, and acting as if he was going to attack. I told her to put him and his crate in a different room and leave him. John, you having been updated on all my previous posts, I've read your reply and will answer your questions, hopefully you or someone else may have another way of dealing with this.

When anyone comes in the house, Jake is ignored until everyone else is greeted. Then it is usually 10 min. before Jake is greeted. Although now Jake likes to bark and growl at anyone at the door and if put on leash to control him, he becomes more aggressive.

Jake has been well socialized, and continues to be. With other dogs, he likes to play, but assumes the Alpha role immediately.

Jake doesn't go everywhere, and is crated when no-one is home.

When anyone leaves the house, myself included, Jake wants to go too, but is told to wait. He'll usually watch whomever leave and then go about his normal routine.

When ever Jake is taken out, he is on leash, put in a sit and wait, and okay-ed after person with leash has gotten through the door.

Everyone dealing with him has been using the alpha techniques in dealing with all of his behaviors, and in training.

By the way, he is a great dog other than his aggression. Just recently, my daughter and her fiance' having been doing tracking training with him and he really loves it.

Thanks, Peter
Posted by skibum
Aug 5, 2009
Jaker seems to be very similar to my dog Cosmo. My trainer has said he is very much alpha potential. The issues with Cosmo were and still are (but it's slowly getting better) agressive to other dogs when on the leash, barks at anyone on the other side of the fence (goes "nuts" when it is the dog behind us) and finally very aggressive when anyone comes to the door of the house.

Now we use the e-collar but the model we have has two buttons and one just makes the warning beep, the other the beep followed by the shock (level is settable on the transmitter). Our experience has been that we rarely have to use the shock button. Usually the beep is enough to break his pattern and bring his focus back to what he is being told. We always give him the command and a chance to respond correctly before we beep him. He is slowly getting better but I think it is partly some dogs nature to be always acting "alpha" and I have one of those. Just means it takes constant working with him and in the long run that just makes us all the closer.

We have been working on accepting that he is going to bark when he hears someone outside (and that is not a bad thing when you think about it) but he needs to stop when told. That trick has been really hard but what seems to be working is that after I check what he is barking at and determine all is well I have him go to his bed in the living room and lie down. A treat follows. I have raised the stakes now and expect him to stay on the bed until released by me and then he gets his treat. Ultimately I would like to be able to have him to go to his bed on command, let the person come in the door with him staying on the bed and then release him on my terms.

Its good to have a dream!
Posted by kjd
Dec 27, 2009

You've been using the shock collar on Jaker for about four months now. Can you give us an update on how he is doiing?