Posted by Koby71
Aug 3, 2007
I have two dogs. They are both great dogs, and mostly pretty well behaved, but they have a bad habit - they both jump up. They jump up on me when I first arrive home (they are always very excited to see me) and anyone else that visits. I have tried ignoring them when they do it, but have not found this to be very effective so far. Any more ideas??? :confused:
Posted by looking4bones
Aug 7, 2007
The best way that I have found to stop a dog from jumping on me is to lift my knee up. I don't try to knee the dog, but instead I am protecting myself, and generally the dogs get the message pretty quickly.
Posted by TheDogTrainer
Aug 7, 2007
The abovementioned method is great, however, I also have another suggestion. In order to get a dog to stop jumping, you might like to try a distraction method. When your dog jumps on you next time, try emitting a high pitched squealing noise. This type of noise will usually startle a dog into stopping what he or she is doing, and that split second is the time that you should be giving the dog a treat and praising them. If you do this consistently, everytime he jumps, you should start to see a decrease in the jumping behavior. Eventually it should stop altogether. It is really important to try and train your dogs out of this behavior, because as much as they are just being friendly because they are excited to have you home, if they were to jump up on a child or an elderly person, they could quite easily knock them down. For more information on this topic, please refer to Section DOG302 in the SitStayFetch ebook. Good luck with your training!