Jumping up at people

Posted by Sue-S
Oct 31, 2007
How do I stop my labrador jumping up at people? He is a rescue and is lovely apart from the jumping up. He doesn't jump up at us but will jump up at people who come in the house, people he meets in the street when on the lead and people he meets when off the lead. We can ask visitors to the house to turn around and ignore him but strangers in the street get him all excited by talking in a high voice and saying how lovely he is. He's very big and strong and if the inclination has taken him to jump on someone it takes all my strength stop him getting his paws on someone (I usually can't stop his feet leaving the ground). Help!!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Nov 2, 2007
Hi there. I understand your concern. You Lab seems to be strong and could easily knock down small kids and elderly people.

I think you are doing the right thing about having visitors turn around and ignore him. For the people that you meet on the street, can you make your Lab sit and stay with a tasty treat every time someone walks toward you and your dog? (this is based on the assumption that your Lab is food motivated).

If he is not interested in treats and more interested in greeting people, it might not work but I think it's worth trying. You might want to ask your friends to walk up to you while you have him sit and stay and repeat this practice many times so that he will eventually learn how to greet people.

Good luck!!