Jumping up on guests

Posted by calliejo
Jun 12, 2010
My 1 yr old female Welsh Corgie is very alpha so we've had to work with this on a lot of behaviors, but one I can't seem to correct is her over the top excitement when someone comes to visit. She wants to jump up on them and will not leave them alone, even after they have been there for a while. Once, when a friend of my daughter's came over, she even snapped at me when I tried to pull her back!!! Any suggestions from anyone? We've tried everything, so we're getting a little desperate! :confused:
Posted by kjd
Jun 14, 2010


If you know people are coming over, put a short lead on her. Then you can remove her without fear of snapping. (That is a quickie to protect you.)

Another quickie. Put her behind a baby gate when people come. She doesn't get out until she is quiet and she goes right back (you have the lead) if she starts getting excited.

Teach her down or place, and to stay there until released. This instead of the baby gate.

Our dogs weren't allowed in the living room. This was a great relief for people who were afraid of dogs. Of course, you could get to any other room in the house without going through the living room. In today's different floor plans, you might not be able to forbid your dog one of the main rooms. This is an absolute order -- you don't keep them out only when people are over; they never come in!

Think any of these ideas could work?