Lab hanging around!

Posted by betta
Apr 24, 2011
When we have visitors that are not really dog people i would love my lab to go away from us (and we are all outdoors )but because he loves people he hangs around putting his head on there laps! i tell him out out, but sure enough he hangs back around us again, if food comes out i tie him up or put him in the shed he barks cos hes not with us how can i get him to learn to to stay away from them. thanks
Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 25, 2011
Hey betta,

Its common for dogs to enjoy groups of people who are obviously having a good time. Why wouldn't they? Everyones happy and no one is strictly telling the dog off for being there.

Try training your lab to the "out" command (perhaps in combination with a stay) when you don't have guests. He needs to learn that is applicable anytime you say it, and he's less likely to learn it off hand when a large group of people is present. So use it daily, tell him out when he's in a room with you, or when you're in the yard doing something. Just have him stay "out" (or away, or leave, whatever word you train him to) for a few minutes at first, then try leaving him longer and longer (this is where the stay command might help).

In combination with this training, you could get him a doggie bed or a sack or something that will be his place in the backyard, or on the porch (wherever you decide to put it). When you tell him "out", follow up by saying "go lay down" or "your place" or some specific command that means, so sit/lay down on this mat and stay there. He stays there until you call him. Again, you'll need to train him to this when people arent there, and then introduce it gradually with your group events. Put a favorite toy on it, or one of your old tee shirts or something so its a comfortable place for him.

When you tie him up and he starts barking, is he within sight of your group? You might try blocking his view of you to see if that settles him down. Do you constantly check on him when he barks, to tell him to settle down? If yes, try ignoring him. Most dogs get the point when they are left in a quiet place, on their own, and don't get any attention within a few minutes. Try giving him something to chew on when you tie him up, or a toy to keep him occupied.

Hope this helps. let me know if it doesn't make sense Good luck!