Large puppy w/older small dog

Posted by jfhspc
Jun 23, 2008
I recently brought home an unneutered male 9 week old boxer/lab/husky mix (Cinnamon) as an addition to our family that already includes a 3 1/2 year old fixed female Pekingese mix. They seem to enjoy playing, but I worry that as the puppy gets bigger (they are close in size currently) the play fighting may be too much for Suzie. She acts like the Alpha but it may be the age issue. Is it going to be a problem when Cinnamon is older? Will he take over the Alpha role based on size alone? Is there anything I should do to facilitate the roles?
Posted by Todd
Jul 14, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

Size difference is a common problem in multi-dog houses. But the interesting thing is most dogs get along no matter what the size and they end up figuring out how they will get along and make their own boundaries.

It may get to the stage where the Pekinese may snap a few times to make sure the younger party gets the idea.

In the long run it is hard to reinforce one as the alpha and leave the other as the subordinate. The best way to make sure things don't get to nasty is to make sure both dogs realise that they will both get attention and be looked after.

A few scuffles will happen on the way but make sure to separate the two after the session for 10 minutes. When you reintroduce them make sure they take it slow.

If one dog gets too rough at any stage or snaps/barks or gets aggressive they need to be told off straight away. Use a loud GRRRR or AHHHH as well as a squirt with a water pistol. Then give them time out.

Good luck with them. They will sort out there own alpha roles and you just have to try and avoid major scuffles and encourage them. Good luck and please let me know how things go