Posted by Heidi11
Dec 10, 2010
Hello - I have a 7 month old Moodle puppy who is well behaved about 95% of the time.

I have posted before about other issues - but for now I have a problem with him licking everything!!

He licks himself (paws & private parts), and he licks everyone in our house. Mostly feet and hands.

I want to know how to stop this behaviour. I have heard of dogs licking themselves so much it becomes an obsession and it becomes difficult to stop. I certainly do not want this for my pooch!

Please help, any suggestions would be helpful!

Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 12, 2010
Hey Heidi,

Have you tried distracting him when he licks? Give him a chew toy or any toy. If he starts licking you, do you remove whatever bodypart he's licking, and say "no"? Tell your guests not to let him lick them. Try turning your back to him when he starts, saying "no" or "enough", and ignoring him.

When you catch him licking himself, try startling him with a loud noise or sudden action. This can work really well for deterring dogs from doing any unwanted behaviour.

You're going to have to pay close attention to him, and be sure to try and catch him everytime he licks, otherwise training him not to will take longer and may not be as successful.

It is true that some dogs develop a psychological tendancy to lick all the time, and it can be bad for their health. It might help to try and reduce any source of anxiety from his life, or any stressors that might be setting this behaviour off. Be stern when you catch him licking, but when he stops make sure he knows its a really good thing!