Licking Privates

Posted by vmtx1986
Apr 24, 2008
Ok I have a puppy he's about 10 weeks old and he keeps licking his privates. I know dogs do this from time to time but my dad had a doxie and he licked his prives al the time he would like do himself i don't want my dog to do this is there anyway to stop it or is this natural?
Posted by Todd
Apr 28, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question

Yes this is a normal habit but i can understand the frustration. Making him stop is a matter of catching him when he is doing it and letting him know it is not okay.

When he starts doing it give him a loud GRRRR or AHHHH. If he stops praise him with attention, petting and praise. If he starts again give him another GRR and give him a squirt with a water pistol. Again praise him when he is good and not doing it.
Make sure to praise and reprimand as appropriate and make sure you are consistent and patient.

If the problem carries on you may want to think about getting your vet to check him over to make sure there are no underlying problems.