Licking the carpet

Posted by chrisi
Jan 12, 2010
My Bedlington cross Lakeland terrier is a pretty well-balanced dog in most respects. However, he licks the carpet (or rug or mat) whenever he has nothing else to do. Maybe it's just boredom but he gets loads of exercise so I can't see why he should do it. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop it?
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Jan 13, 2010
My border collie Boomer was a carpet licker too. He would lie there, close his eyes and lick away. He would also lick the couch the same way. I figured it was just a comfort thing for him and never considered it a problem, other than the occasional damp sock and wet spot on the couch. :rolleyes: We would tell him to knock it off after a couple minutes and that was it. Anybody else have anything on carpet licking?
Posted by Col
May 19, 2010
We have just adopted a5 year old collie from a broken home . His name is rascal and apart from being overweight he is a pretty good boy . He sleeps with our other Dog a 2 year old Collie/Gsd?/wolf cross in the kitchen. They have a few minutes in our bedroom while we have a coffee before walks in the morning. We have noticed he licks the bed ?????? Stops when ya tell him. Wierd but seems to be harmless