Liz Sydney Australia

Posted by liz
Oct 20, 2007
We have a Lowchen puppy 6mths old, just desexed Oscar. Oscar can be very naughty he barks at us when we are sitting on the lounge and he still likes to bite not hard but mouths us alot... We are driven crazy with the barking when he wans to play and we dont. Any ideas?? Help
Posted by Alpha-Dog
Oct 23, 2007
There are a few things that I can suggest that will hopefully help you with your dog. Firstly, I recommend that you continue to use the Alpha Techniques to teach your dog that you are the Alpha, and that he is not in charge. You can do this by making him wait for you to go through doors first, feeding him after you have eaten, not allowing him onto the furniture, and also by teaching him in obedience.

As for the barking and attention seeking behavior, there are two things that I can suggest. Firstly, try the Time-Out technique. As soon as he barks at you to get your attention, I want you to pick him up and either put him outside or in another room for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes is up, collect him and praise him for calm behavior. If he continues to bark, you will need to repeat the time out. Hopefully if you are consistent, your dog will start to realize that his behavior is not appropriate. At the moment he demands your attention because he does not see you as his pack leader.

You could also try teaching your dog the Quiet Command:

Do something that you know will make him bark.

Then say "Quiet", and hold a treat in front of his nose.

When he stops barking to sniff the treat, feed it to him, and praise him.

Do this a number of times, and gradually make your dog wait longer for the treat.

Soon he will begin to understand the command, and you will not have to give him treats - though give him a treat once in a while to keep him motivated.

You will need to be strict and consistent with your dog's training. I hope this helps.