Maltese/japenese chin

Posted by martha
Mar 20, 2012

i have a 2 year old male maltese crossed japenese chin, everytime we take him for his walk, he tends to pull us along, i fear to let him loose from his leash as he tends to run away, and wont listen to my commands. i want to let him go, and walk without the leash, but im to afraid to do so.

if someone has any suggestions, i look forward to your reply...
Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 20, 2012
Hi Martha,

I see you found another past thread on a similar topic, and picked up some ideas from there. Hope it helps you - please let us know how you get on.

I will say its not advisable to let a dog off lead until they are 100% responsive on coming back when you call them. That being said, a big help to you will be working on the "come" command with your dog everyday at home. In the backyard, in the house, everywhere. Carry a treat bag in your pocket so your dog knows when he's responding correctly.

You can also try using a long or retractable lead on walks, letting your dog get further away, then calling them back. This way, if they don't respond, you still have a hold on them, but it gives them enough room for you to practice training.

When walking with your dog, try training on the command "heel". Theres a section on this in Secrets to Dog Training, and its a really good tool to be able to utilise. If you get your dog going well with it, "heel" can also be used off lead to keep a better eye on your dog

Hope your dog enjoys the training, and picks up on it!