Marking in the living room

Posted by JJ-Evans
Sep 19, 2009
In the past 6 months our 4 yr old male (spayed) Brittany has decided to lift his leg on a very expensive LR chair and also catch a corner of an oriental rug. Times running out for him - we can't be washing this chair every couple weeks (OderXit is a great product). He is very healthy. Any sugestions?
Posted by kjd
Sep 21, 2009
Has anything changed in your household? New members? New working conditions?

If this is a sudden change with no situation that might have precipitated it, I'd take him to the vet and see if there is a medical cause. I had a male who started using the house when he had a urinary track infection. Didn't realize the problem until my brother found blood in the urine. When the infection was cleared up, the behavior disappeared.