Me or the lawnmower?

Posted by zeusmommy
Apr 1, 2008
I just joined this site, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My 20 month old Doberman hates the lawnmower. He bites the tires, and snaps at it when we mow the yard. He's gotten so excited, that he's bitten me twice, yes he did break the skin BOTH times. I've tried the exposure trick, but he still bites the tires and gets overly excited. I've resorted to keeping him in the house when we mow. Am I being over protective, or should I keep exposing him to the mower in hopes of him getting used to it?

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 1, 2008
Hi zeusmommy.

Does he only act like that to the lawn mower? How about when it is not powered? What if your neighbor is mowing? Does it bother/excite him too? How about when you are vacuuming?

If it is just when you are using your lawn mower, I would just keep him inside. If he acts up like this with your vacuum cleaner and any other machines, I would desensetize him by introducing him non-powered machine and gradually have him get used to it.

However, I believe biting behaviors should be corrected in any circumstances. Does he bite any other time?
Posted by zeusmommy
Apr 6, 2008
Yes, he acts up with the vacuum, neightbor's lawnmower, anything with a motor. No he's never bitten anyone but me. I've been working with him, and I hope in time, he'll stop. Thanks for your reply.