Posted by gwillmart
Jul 31, 2009
We have a little pom who was rescued from a puppy mill. She is young but has been bred. She lived with a foster for about 2 months and was pretty much housebroken. We have had her almost two months and recently she has begun urinating and defecating in the house. I take her out in the morning and in the evening and she is outside with us during the day. About a week ago she was roughed up by one of our bigger dogs,(not serious) just chewed on a little like a toy. Could that have started her untraining?
Posted by KOPsarah
Aug 4, 2009
Hi gwillmart and thanks for your post,
Before we look at a solution for this particular problem I was wondering if I could get a little more information. During the attack was your dog near its normal toileting area? Secondly how does your dog act around your other dog now? Does she appear fearful? Is it possible your bigger dog is intimidating your smaller dog while it is attempting to use the toileting area or does the smaller dog now prefer to toilet when the other dog is not close by?