Misbehavin' II

Posted by gwillmart
Jul 31, 2009
We also have a mutt that we got from the pound in Sept of last year. She was no problem until she started getting aggressive with the little female dogs. She has gotten them both down and bit their ears piercing the skin. Then she did the same with the little boy dog. She has even threatened the bigger dogs. This seems to happen when one of the dogs shows vulnerability. Or, in the case of the big dog, if he gets in her way in the kitchen. It is not food aggression..they all eat at the same time, most in the same room. If one of the little dogs apprears hurt, she will run up to them and start growling then all breaks loose and I have to pull her back. She will then growl at me. I try to get her on her back and hold her til she calms down. I don't know why this started happening. It started about 4 months after we got her. We have 7 dogs and have never had a problem like this.
Posted by KOPsarah
Aug 7, 2009
Hi gwillmart,
Just wanted to ask before we look at a solution, whether your practice alpha dog training with the dogs? Also how do you react when she behaves like this?