Moose is loose

Posted by ryanm4944
Jun 4, 2008
Hey all,
I have a 7 year old lab/golden/chow mix named Moose. He's mostly lab, and is a great dog who still acts like a puppy. However, my fiancee and I have recently had some trouble in the city of Boston with him snapping at strangers. There are no warning signs, he lunges at strangers while on the leash without warning. However, when he is off of the leash, or at the dog park, he is a fun loving dog. At his dog sitter, everyone loves him, but for some reason he has turned aggressive on a leash. I realize that we have to work with him on a leash, but I wonder if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks.

Aggressive in Boston
Posted by taniajennifer
Jun 6, 2008
Todd will probably fill you in about all the alpha training and i assume you are doing the alpha thing at home but i wanted to quickly ask you how Moose walks on his leash? Is he walking beside, or behind, you at all times, without frequent stops to sniff or pee? If not, then I wonder if he is lunging as a result of alpha confusion ... when out walking he feels like he is in charge and can do whatever he wants. i would recommend that you consistently assert your alpha status at all times when walking on the leash and at home. There are a lot of ways that this is done. you will need to read up on them in the alpha training handbook (which i use like a bible!!!!) i notice that whenever i start to ease up on the 'house rules' (like not sleeping in bed with me or waiting for to eat) my dog starts to get a little aggressive and bossy, and it shows up the most when out walking on her leash! maybe its the same thing for you and moose?

good luck.

tania (& libby)
Posted by ryanm4944
Jun 7, 2008
Thanks Tania. We appreciate your advice. We are going to work on our leash issues.

Ryan and Michele